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About Head Lice

What is head lice?

  • Head lice are hexapod insects that live on the human scalp.
  • They feed on human blood.
  • Head lice are transparent. Their body colour switch to maroon or black only when they are fed. They suck blood 4 times per day.
  • Head lice need their living environment to be warm and moist. For that reason, they prefer to live on body parts such as the back of the neck and behind the ears.
  • Head lice are wingless insects; they cannot fly or jump.
  • They do not carry diseases. However, itching those areas that are attacked by lice may cause infection.
  • Lice can survive only for 2 to 3 days without a human host.
  • Whilst hair washing, head lice that are stuck tightly to the hair may survive by sticking on to the air ways on scalp.
  • They multiply very fast.

How to detect head lice?

  • Beware if your child is scratching his/her hair more than usual and if you spot movement on your child’s hair.
  • You may only identify an active invasion by finding lice on the hair.
  • Examine your child's hair under a bright light.
  • Head lice and nits may be confused with bran. To avoid such confusion, make sure that the white spots are stuck onto hair.
  • It is difficult to spot the head lice in the hair, because they are transparent.

What does the head lice look like?

  • Adult lice are 3-4 mm in height.
  • Adult lice have 6 feet, and they hold on to the scalp with their feet.
  • Head lice are transparent.
  • Lice are white and may therefore resemble bran.

How do head lice spread ?

  • Head lice spread through head-to-head contact among people.
  • This is a particularly common situation in schools and kindergartens.
  • Head lice can also spread via shared usage of belongings such as hats, combs or buckles.

How To Use Nitty Bitty Lotion

Apply on dry hair. Wrap a clean towel around shoulders and neck.If you have long hair detangle dry hair with comb or brush and separate hair into 4 equal section and secure each section of hair with a clip.

How To Use Nitty Bitty Shampoo

Nitty-Bitty Anti-Head Lice Shampoo should be applied to dry hair. Before applying Nitty-Bitty Anti-Head Lice Shampoo on dry hair detangle hair with a brush.